Gunsmithing - How to Ship Your Gun

To ship your gun to DeHaan Shotguns Ltd. for gunsmithing, please follow the following procedure.

  1. Notify Us

    Notify us by phone or email that you have a gun that needs work, and verify that our smithing shop can do the work .  Our phone number is 208-538-6744.  Email is:  At the time you call, we can give you a general estimate for the cost of the work.


    Please do not ship us your gun without first contacting us by phone or email so we can discuss your needs.  Guns shipped to us without prior notice may be returned to you unopened if we are not here to accept delivery.

  2. Follow Up

    Follow up your phone conversation by including a note with your gun which describes the problem you are having and any specifics you discussed with Mark. Please also include contact information we can use to notify you when your repair is completed.

  3. Package Your Gun

    Carefully package your gun, preferably in the box that you received when you purchased it, and then in another outer, shipping box. For security reasons, cover or obliterate obvious signs on the box that indicate it is a shotgun. If you do not have the original packaging, be sure to wrap and pad the gun such that no parts can shift in the package and scratch other parts. 


    You will get the best shipping rate if you ship the gun broken down in halves, rather than assembled, because long guns can sometimes go over the allowable box dimensions, resulting in higher charges.  For your protection, we suggest you be sure to insure your gun and request a signature upon delivery.  You can use either the US Postal Service, United Parcel Service, or FedEX to ship your gun, we have no preference.

When Completed

  1. Contact

    We will contact you to let you know the total charges (including return shipping) and arrange your payment.

  2. Payment

    You can mail us a personal check, certified check, or a money order or we can arrange a credit card payment using PayPal.


  3. Returning Your Gun

    We will ship your gun back to you via UPS ground service unless you give us other instructions.  Again, we can only ship it back to your address, not to any third party, unless that third party is an FFL dealer. The package will be shipped “adult signature required”, so please arrange for someone to be available to sign for it.

Special Note:

For gunsmithing purposes, you do not need to have a FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed) dealer assist you in shipping your gun.  The law allows you to ship any gun of which you are the owner to a licensed manufacturer/repair shop (that's us), and allows us to return it directly to you. 

Note that some of the shipping stores get concerned if you say you are shipping a gun, and they incorrectly state that you cannot ship a gun. It is sometimes helpful to simply list the contents as "sporting goods".  We cannot ship the repaired gun to a third party unless that party is a licensed FFL holder  who is prepared to perform a background check on the intended recipient.

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