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Dear Customers,

Due to changes in pricing and production practices at the Huglu Kooperative factory, we will no longer be taking new orders for DeHaan custom shotguns. Orders currently in process will be completed and delivered on schedule. We will continue to honor all warranties for their lifespan as well as continue our regular gunsmithing services as we look for other possibilities for our gun production.

Our nearly 16 years of selling our fine shotguns to our customers has been extremely gratifying and we thank all of you for that. We will continue to provide full gunsmithing services as well as supplying parts. Please let us know how we can help you.

Mark DeHaan and everyone at DeHaan Shotguns Ltd.

Please Note: People have asked about the availability of any other DeHaan shotguns. We do have a few SxS and O/U guns coming in Spring that are not yet spoken for. I will post them on the web site in June after they arrive and I can get pictures and specifications. These are the last we will have available.

We want to make it easy for you to learn about our two major lines of business:  our custom-made SGr Deluxe guns, and our excellent gunsmithing service which specializes in all makes of guns manufactured by the Huglu Cooperative factory in Huglu, Turkey. Find out "Why our guns are different from other Huglu's"

We also offer a line of beautiful gun cases to house your shotguns, a variety of choke tubes and accessories, and a selection of premium Circassian Turkish Walnut wood blanks to enhance a gun you might already own, or are building yourself.

The DeHaan SGr Custom Deluxe Shotgun:

DeHaan Shotguns Ltd. purpose is to provide a premium grade line of custom-built shotguns at a truly affordable price. Our guns are made one at a time to your exact specifications. What emerges is not simply a gun ... but rather, a unique firearm destined to be enjoyed for generations. Nowhere else can you find a genuinely handcrafted gun with such painstaking attention to details at such a low cost.

Our line of guns is made exclusively for us and we sell directly to the public to give you the best deal possible. Absolute customer satisfaction was a founding principle of our company in 1999, and to this day it is our guide and only standard to measure success. For this reason we offer excellent customer service and a 2-year parts and labor warranty on all the guns we sell. We are rightfully proud of our hard work and reputation for service and honesty.

Our SGr guns are deluxe, collector-quality O/U and SxS shotguns handcrafted to your specifications. This is a chance to put together your dream gun. All engraving is painstakingly hand-rendered by recognized masters in their art (for example, the engraving on the SGr 05 pattern takes more than 5 full days to complete). Internal and external parts are hand-polished and hand-fit. Wood and metal fit & finish are close to perfection. Circassian walnut stocks are available in 3 extra-select qualities, ranging from beautiful to exhibition-quality stunning.  And all this costs you thousands less than comparable quality brands.

Gunsmithing for Turkish Shotguns:

Building  on his years of accumulated expertise, Mark DeHaan offers gunsmithing services (parts and labor) on the entire spectrum of over-under and side-by-side shotguns built by the Huglu Cooperative factory in Huglu, Turkey.  This includes guns with the markings of CZ-USA, Huglu Cooperative, ARMSCo, Huglu USA, and of course DeHaan Shotguns.  Mark is arguably North America’s most experienced  gunsmith specializing in Huglu shotguns.

Circassian Turkish Walnut Wood Blanks:

We offer top quality graded wood blanks for shotguns, rifles, and for smaller projects such as knife handles. Please take a look at some of the beautiful pieces we currently have for sale.


We offer an excellent value in beautiful presentation gun cases, along with other shotgun accessories, like choke tubes and sight beads. Shop our accessories.

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